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Robert’s of Bangor is a company with a long and impressive heritage in school uniforms. Established in 1974, Roberts of Bangor has since become an institution within the town, with generation after generation passing through our doors. Over the years, as a family run business we have grown, expanded and evolved in line with the needs of our loyal customers, but at our heart is the same question “What if I was the customer?” It’s a simple question, and one that has continually guided us for over 40 years in our approach to business, from our humble beginnings to becoming today one of Northern Ireland’s largest school uniform specialists.

At Roberts of Bangor’s we have worked tirelessly over the years to provide a personal service and professional customer care, offering quality garments at affordable, competitive prices. So whether you are hunting for your child's first shoes, leotards for dance class, woggles for your budding Beavers and Explorer Scouts or simply seeking your new Back-to-School uniform, you can be sure with our expert staff, wealth of experience, and premium uniform brands you can be guaranteed, you are in the best of hands!!



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